Browser Reading

Reading eBooks through ePlatform’s browser reader offers users a richer and more immersive reading experience.

There is no need for additional software, there are many ways to customize how eBooks are displayed, and your eBooks are available even after you’ve disconnected from the internet.

To read an eBook you have selected through the browser reader, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Borrow your desired eBook in the usual way
  2. Click the ‘Read Now’ button
  3. Begin reading through your web browser

Browser Reader

Note that eBooks in PDF format are not able to be read via the browser reader.


Browser reader features

The browser reader offers a growing variety of features for users, including:

  • Highlighting sections of text
  • Adding notes to sections of text
  • Dictionary to look up the definitions of words
  • Thesaurus to look up synonyms of words
  • Links to Google search results for selected words
  • Bookmarks
  • Early return functionality



Why read through the browser reader?

Here’s why we recommend reading eBooks through the browser reader.

1. No need for additional software

The browser reader has been designed to not require an Adobe ID, which is needed when reading a downloaded book.

In order to have an Adobe ID a user must be at least 13 years old, and Adobe has recently looked to validate this by implementing a change to the sign up process requiring users to enter their date of birth when signing up. No such steps are required with the browser reader.

2. Read your own way

You’ll have almost full control over how your eBook is displayed when read using the browser reader.

Don’t like the fonts or background colour used? Find the character or line spacing too tight? Just use the customisable settings to change them to your own preferences.

Background colours, font sizes and styles, and spacing between lines and characters can all be changed to best suit readers.

If you’ve been reluctant to read because of poor eyesight or reading challenges like dyslexia, the ability to customize your eBooks will help you to re-discover the joy of reading. Research-based recommendations are available in ePlatform to offer some guidance on which fonts and styles are most suitable.

3. Your eBooks are available even after you’ve disconnected from the internet

When you use the browser reader the entire eBook is cached. That is, as soon as you open the book it begins downloading into a type of ‘History’ on your computer or device.

Within a matter of seconds the entire book will be cached, and you’ll be able to happily read the entire book even if you’re offline.

4. Browser friendly

Regardless of your preferred browser, the browser reader will happily work with them all, meaning you can read eBooks via recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more, even Silk (on the Kindle Fire)